When it comes to digital marketing and communications, there’s no shortage of good salespeople out there. I don’t just mean actual salespeople who sell software and services — though there are plenty of those. I’m also talking about my fellow evangelists who speak at events and write compelling articles (hopefully like this one).

In many cases, you will hear about all sorts of tools and techniques that you had never focused on before. You will begin to think about the challenge they outline in terms of your own organization. In many cases, it will resonate with you. Suddenly, you will feel compelled to have that solution for yourself.

If the tactic or tool you hear about solves a problem you already recognized, that’s great. That means it’s something you should probably pursue to evaluate whether it might work for your own needs.

However, if you’re hearing about something that solves a problem you weren’t already wondering how to fix, take a moment to pause and reflect. You only have so much time and money available to accomplish all of the digital goals you set forth to accomplish. If you chase exciting ideas that don’t maximize value, you will be depriving yourself of the results you really need to see.

In addition, some of these solutions require all sorts of extra work from you and your team to be effective. For example, there are some great drip marketing tools out there. They automate communications with your volunteers, donors, prospects, and others. They may be great solutions for some organizations. But for others they will require the creation of a significant amount of additional content that will substantially increase the “real” cost.

By all means listen to salespeople and evangelists to get an idea for all of the digital solutions available to you. But remember to focus on solving the problems you know you have first.