Meghan Moran offers up some great advice over at K Street Cafe that helps organizations involved with public affairs and politics to use video effectively. She encourages them to take a lesson from the “explainer videos” used by sales teams:

Simply put, the explainer video is a short piece — typically no more than three minutes and often animated — that communicates the central premise of your business or product. It is the video equivalent to the elevator pitch, and it is particularly useful in today’s landscape, where your customer is likely to do the bulk of their research (and decision-making) well before they ever interact with a human salesperson.

How might you use such a video? Well, you should read Meghan’s piece for more details, but think of it in terms of making your case to key stakeholders, like advocates, members, prospects, donors, policymakers, and the media.

Video continues to play an increasingly important role in all digital communications, and we will see more of it in the world of politics, public affairs, and advocacy in 2014. It’s not just about taking TV spots and putting them online, but rather looking for engaging ways to communicate with key audiences by taking advantage of cost-effective approaches to using new media.

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