GOP Oppo Group Relaunches Website in News Format

America Rising PAC, an opposition research group with GOP ties, relaunched its website with the format of a modern news site. According to Dylan Byers at Politico: Just as the Obama administration has made a source for news updates, blog items, photos and videos, will become a content-focused site featuring negative news and oppo research […]

Will Campaigns Open Pandora’s (Ad Targeting) Box?

First, there was news that DISH and DirecTV would be rolling out a service allowing campaigns to target individual homes with advertising. Now the Pandora music streaming service promises an offering that allows ads that zero in on users based on likely political leanings.

New Site Empowers People to Ask Questions of Policymakers

You can already submit a petition to the White House and get an official response if you reach a threshold number of signatures. Now a new nonprofit project seeks to provide a similar capability for constituents of government officials at all levels across the United States.

Public Affairs Council to Host Webinar on Local Lobbying

The Public Affairs Council will be hosting a webinar on February 13, 2014 to explore techniques to improve local lobbying. The training promises to explore “systems for monitoring local rulemakings” — something that increasingly happens with the help of technology.

How to Overcome the Erosion of Email as an Effective Advocacy Tool

In the “old days” when I started out on Capitol Hill 20+ years ago, we would be inundated with letters, postcards, and phone calls on important issues. We would have to manually type in the names of all of the constituents who contacted us to register their point of view and send them a letter […]

Featured Job: Digital Manager at Southern Poverty Law Center

If you have at least five years of digital communications experience in the world of policy and politics and want to apply those skills fighting for social change, there’s a job opportunity for you in Montgomery, Alabama. The Southern Poverty Law Center currently needs a Digital Manager to help guide them through the world of […]

The Content Conundrum for Campaigns

Former Romney digital director Zac Moffatt gave an interesting interview to Alex Kantrowitz at where he looked back at the 2012 campaign and reflected on what lessons he learned for the future of online and mobile campaigning. For anyone involved in digital politics or advocacy, there’s plenty of meat to chew on there, but […]