Questions to Guide Your Website Redesign Process

At Franeo, we frequently work with clients to redesign their websites. We find it very important to guide a conversation at the start of the process to determine exactly what they want to accomplish. All too often they know they want a better website, but haven’t really thought through what that means.

Digital Communications Numbers in the News (in Honor of Tax Day)

Public service reminder: Tax Day was yesterday, so I hope you filed! One thing you don’t have to pay taxes on? Franeo Insights. Think of it as a little bit like getting a tax refund every time you read one of our articles. Sure, you can’t spend it directly, but hopefully it’s full of pleasant […]

CNN Uses Skype for Interviews. Why Shouldn’t You?

I frequently talk to people who seem scared to explore video content because they think it’s too difficult or too expensive. When I suggest using a cell phone camera or Skype video chat or a Google Hangout, they balk at the quality.

e-Book: 28-Day Digital Jumpstart for Associations

Have you ever wondered how to get more out of your association’s website? More members, better attendance, increased revenue, and greater visibility are all things that you can begin to improve in just 28 days if you follow the suggestions in this guide.

Will Campaigns Open Pandora’s (Ad Targeting) Box?

First, there was news that DISH and DirecTV would be rolling out a service allowing campaigns to target individual homes with advertising. Now the Pandora music streaming service promises an offering that allows ads that zero in on users based on likely political leanings.

Interview: Jeff Mascott Discusses the Adfero Eight

Jeff Mascott, Managing Partner of the Washington, DC-based Adfero Group, joined us for an interview to discuss the Adfero Eight. In this 14-minute conversation, he explains why they chose a microsite format for making predictions about important trends in communications, as well as how they arrived at their final list.

How 2014 Senate Campaigns are Spending Their Digital Dollars

Although we’re still very early in the 2014 election season, campaigns have already begun to ramp up their digital activities. To get a glimpse at the current spending trends, we looked to Federal Election Commission data for 2014 Senate campaigns. Here’s what we found.

7 Lessons from Patrick Ruffini’s Twitter Repetition Experiment

Patrick Ruffini, a Republican operative and founder of the digital firm Engage, recently ran an experiment to test the behavior of users on Twitter. For two weeks, he posted an identical Tweet at the same time each weekday. He found that although the engagement with the first Tweet was highest, it continued to generate action […]