Digital Communications Numbers in the News (in Honor of Tax Day)

Public service reminder: Tax Day was yesterday, so I hope you filed! One thing you don’t have to pay taxes on? Franeo Insights. Think of it as a little bit like getting a tax refund every time you read one of our articles. Sure, you can’t spend it directly, but hopefully it’s full of pleasant […]

Digital Public Affairs Need to Know

Here are this week’s three things that all public affairs professionals should ponder over their morning coffee today. Think of it as a cheat sheet, complete with simple takeaways.

GOP Oppo Group Relaunches Website in News Format

America Rising PAC, an opposition research group with GOP ties, relaunched its website with the format of a modern news site. According to Dylan Byers at Politico: Just as the Obama administration has made a source for news updates, blog items, photos and videos, will become a content-focused site featuring negative news and oppo research […]

NRCC Tweaks Democratic Candidate Spoof Sites

There was a bit of a buzz recently over the National Republican Congressional Committee’s project to create fake Democratic candidate websites that looked like the real thing, only with oppo-style content and a donation form that gave to the NRCC instead of the candidate. Now comes word that the sites have been changed — if […]

Will Campaigns Open Pandora’s (Ad Targeting) Box?

First, there was news that DISH and DirecTV would be rolling out a service allowing campaigns to target individual homes with advertising. Now the Pandora music streaming service promises an offering that allows ads that zero in on users based on likely political leanings.