Interview: Jeff Mascott Discusses the Adfero Eight

Jeff Mascott, Managing Partner of the Washington, DC-based Adfero Group, joined us for an interview to discuss the Adfero Eight. In this 14-minute conversation, he explains why they chose a microsite format for making predictions about important trends in communications, as well as how they arrived at their final list.

GOP Not Yet Reaching Tech Talent Recruiting Targets

With a flurry of recent positive stories about Republican gains on the technology front, one would think all is rosy for the party. (Or as the National Republican Senatorial Committee’s Matt Lira tweeted: “If self-congratulatory articles were products, Republicans would be in a great technology place right now.”) 

New Site Empowers People to Ask Questions of Policymakers

You can already submit a petition to the White House and get an official response if you reach a threshold number of signatures. Now a new nonprofit project seeks to provide a similar capability for constituents of government officials at all levels across the United States.

RNC Email List Doubles to 2.8 Million Since Election Day 2012

According to a recent piece by new Republican National Committee Chief Digital Officer Chuck DeFeo, initial efforts to upgrade the data and technology capabilities of the national party have begun to pay off. Buried deep in his blog post at Real Clear Politics is the assertion that the GOP’s central email list has doubled in […]

Survey: 30 Percent Plan to Use Facebook Less … In 5 Years

The “Facebook is marching toward decline” discussion continues, this time USC Annenberg Center for the Digital Future and Bovitz, Inc. According to Bulldog Reporter, “The survey found that 30 percent of Facebook users said they will be using Facebook less or a lot less in five years.”

Consultants on Both Sides Agree: GOP Still Behind in Data Race

A Reuters story quotes consultants from both major political parties who found something to agree on: Republican efforts to achieve parity in data-mining with the Democrats haven’t paid off so far. “According to interviews with a dozen strategists from both parties, Democrats appear set to maintain their technological edge, potentially boosting their prospects in the […]

Increase Your Facebook Fans By Emphasizing Engagement

Many organizations spend too much time worrying about how many Facebook fans or Twitter followers they have. Ultimately, it’s not about the numbers — it’s about what they can do for you. At the same time, if you have no fans or followers, you won’t get very far.

Are You Leveraging Your Blog for Donor Relations?

Many nonprofits focus on using their digital tools to raise new money, but there’s an important role to be played in nurturing relationships with your existing supporters. Laura Iancu has a nice post for Nonprofit Hub where she explores ways to improve stewardship using your organization’s blog. In the post, she writes: Seems like many […]

RNC Launches Internal Tech Startup

In an effort to step up their digital game, the Republican National Committee announced the launch of Para Bellum Labs. In the wake of the “autopsy” following the 2012 election, much attention has been focused on how the GOP will seek to level the technological playing field with the Democrats.