GOP Oppo Group Relaunches Website in News Format

America Rising PAC, an opposition research group with GOP ties, relaunched its website with the format of a modern news site. According to Dylan Byers at Politico: Just as the Obama administration has made a source for news updates, blog items, photos and videos, will become a content-focused site featuring negative news and oppo research […]

NRCC Tweaks Democratic Candidate Spoof Sites

There was a bit of a buzz recently over the National Republican Congressional Committee’s project to create fake Democratic candidate websites that looked like the real thing, only with oppo-style content and a donation form that gave to the NRCC instead of the candidate. Now comes word that the sites have been changed — if […]

GOP Not Yet Reaching Tech Talent Recruiting Targets

With a flurry of recent positive stories about Republican gains on the technology front, one would think all is rosy for the party. (Or as the National Republican Senatorial Committee’s Matt Lira tweeted: “If self-congratulatory articles were products, Republicans would be in a great technology place right now.”) 

RNC Email List Doubles to 2.8 Million Since Election Day 2012

According to a recent piece by new Republican National Committee Chief Digital Officer Chuck DeFeo, initial efforts to upgrade the data and technology capabilities of the national party have begun to pay off. Buried deep in his blog post at Real Clear Politics is the assertion that the GOP’s central email list has doubled in […]

Political Ads to Target Individual Dish/DirecTV Households

The Washington Post‘s Brian Fung reports on a development that will enable campaigns to zero in on specific homes with tailored messaging. Dish Network and DirecTV on Monday announced a plan to jointly give political advertisers the ability to microtarget their ads down to the household level. That means that any of over 20 million […]

Consultants on Both Sides Agree: GOP Still Behind in Data Race

A Reuters story quotes consultants from both major political parties who found something to agree on: Republican efforts to achieve parity in data-mining with the Democrats haven’t paid off so far. “According to interviews with a dozen strategists from both parties, Democrats appear set to maintain their technological edge, potentially boosting their prospects in the […]

RNC Launches Internal Tech Startup

In an effort to step up their digital game, the Republican National Committee announced the launch of Para Bellum Labs. In the wake of the “autopsy” following the 2012 election, much attention has been focused on how the GOP will seek to level the technological playing field with the Democrats. 

Obama 2008 Analytics Expert to Teach Online Course

Politico reports that Obama campaign analytics guru Ken Strasma will teach “the first-ever online course on the use of predictive analytics in politics.” For data nerds in the political world, this could be an interesting look behind the curtain.

CNN: NRCC Built Fake Democratic Websites to Raise Money

Was it a savvy move by the GOP congressional campaign committee to build websites resembling those of Democratic candidates to raise money to defeat those same candidates? Or was it a deceitful effort to confuse donors? Or perhaps just a typical juvenile political stunt? Ultimately, it’s in the eye of the beholder, but here’s what […]

How 2014 Senate Campaigns are Spending Their Digital Dollars

Although we’re still very early in the 2014 election season, campaigns have already begun to ramp up their digital activities. To get a glimpse at the current spending trends, we looked to Federal Election Commission data for 2014 Senate campaigns. Here’s what we found.