Questions to Guide Your Website Redesign Process

At Franeo, we frequently work with clients to redesign their websites. We find it very important to guide a conversation at the start of the process to determine exactly what they want to accomplish. All too often they know they want a better website, but haven’t really thought through what that means.

CNN Uses Skype for Interviews. Why Shouldn’t You?

I frequently talk to people who seem scared to explore video content because they think it’s too difficult or too expensive. When I suggest using a cell phone camera or Skype video chat or a Google Hangout, they balk at the quality.

Join Others Trying to Better Engage With Wikipedia

Many in the world of advocacy, associations, and politics have concerns about one or more entries in Wikipedia. Perhaps there’s something inaccurate or misleading in an entry you care about. Or maybe there’s an entry you wish talked about your organization’s efforts. You have heard that people get in trouble for editing their entries, and […]

Tuesday Tool: MailChimp for Email Lists and Newsletters

For a number of years, my email newsletter software of choice has been MailChimp. I’m not certain how I found it, but it was probably from the link at the bottom of some organization’s email. It’s easy to use, affordable, and effective, so I use it for most of my own projects, as well as […]

7 Lessons from Patrick Ruffini’s Twitter Repetition Experiment

Patrick Ruffini, a Republican operative and founder of the digital firm Engage, recently ran an experiment to test the behavior of users on Twitter. For two weeks, he posted an identical Tweet at the same time each weekday. He found that although the engagement with the first Tweet was highest, it continued to generate action […]

Tuesday Tool Tip: Wufoo for Forms and Signups

Just about every public affairs or political campaign needs to throw up a spur of the moment web form or signup page at some point along the way. If you have in-house tech staff that work with a database or CMS, then you’re all set. But what if you’re working on a more bare bones, […]

Words Matter. Learn to Write Good.

Public affairs and political pros understand that words matter. They convince. They alienate. They might lead to victory, but they also run the risk of causing almost immediate defeat. Unfortunately, many folks publish absolute drivel that’s hard to read and understand. Others get so wrapped up in the latest Google algorithm that they focus more […]