It’s that time of year when most of us have time set aside to plan for the next twelve months. For most associations and nonprofits, digital marketing will represent an important part of the new year’s activities, but much of it will be done on the spur of the moment rather than as a result of a coherent plan.

In the coming weeks, we will publish a series of articles here at 501central that will help to outline the steps you need to take to put together an effective 2014 digital marketing plan — as well as things you should consider as you go through the planning process.

Among the topics we will cover in this series:

  • Why you need a digital marketing plan
  • Key steps to building your digital marketing plan
  • Assessing your 2013 digital marketing performance
  • Using Google Analytics to understand website performance
  • Measuring social networking performance, including Twitter and Facebook
  • Creating a digital marketing inventory
  • Understanding your target digital audience
  • Considering the role of mobile communications for your organization
  • Establishing your digital marketing goals
  • Building your 2014 digital marketing calendar
  • Discovering new tools and tactics for your digital marketing plan
  • Recognizing the importance of learning in your digital marketing plan
  • Recycling as a cost-saving tool in digital marketing
  • Fundraising success in the digital environment
  • Growing membership using digital tools
  • Understanding that “build it and they will come” works in movies, not reality
  • Growing your digital team with short dollars
  • Determining the role that supporters and allies play in your digital marketing plan
  • Building your 2013 DM budget from the ground up
  • Planning now to measure 2014 success

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