Over on the Virtual CDO blog, Doug Banks, Associate Vice President for Economic Development at University of Massachusetts, took the time to answer a few questions about digital communications and technology in the higher education arena.

Among the questions he answered was one about the the approach that colleges and universities take to new media:

Is there a difference in how the academic world perceives digital and social media, as compared with the private sector?

As I said, I think Higher Ed has been slower to adopt digital and social media compared with the business community. Like any large institution with multiple constituencies (students, parents, alumni, business partners, etc.) there are many more audiences and methods of engagement in academia. … At the same time, it’s that much more important to be actively listening to how those audience members are interacting with the campus…if a research partner is unhappy with a result in the lab, it’s unlikely to show up on social media – but if a student is unhappy because she can’t get the dormitory she wants, or a key class gets filled, then you can be sure she will be venting on Twitter. And in both cases, the campus would want to know about those concerns and address them appropriately.

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