You can already submit a petition to the White House and get an official response if you reach a threshold number of signatures. Now a new nonprofit project seeks to provide a similar capability for constituents of government officials at all levels across the United States.

TechPresident reports:

AskThem is a new non-profit, open-source project from the Participatory Politics Foundation, the same group behind OpenCongress, which tracked congressional legislation and campaign contribution records. Through AskThem, users can pose questions to elected officials who have signed-up and to any verified Twitter user. Once the question reaches a certain signature threshold, AskThem will submit the question via e-mail to officials who have signed up and via social media.

Of course, those who receive the questions won’t be obligated to respond — as the White House commits to doing — but AskThem likely hopes that as the project gathers steam it will become increasingly difficult for policymakers to ignore.

Learn more about the AskThem project in this post at TechPresident.