There was a bit of a buzz recently over the National Republican Congressional Committee’s project to create fake Democratic candidate websites that looked like the real thing, only with oppo-style content and a donation form that gave to the NRCC instead of the candidate. Now comes word that the sites have been changed — if only just a bit.

The kerfuffle largely focused on the deceptive nature of the donation form. Although it did indicate the funds would go to the NRCC, it apparently could (and was) overlooked by some Democratic donors in a hurry to make a gift. When they found out that their credit card had been charged by the GOP instead of the Democrats, they were understandably peeved.

The National Journal reports that the NRCC has made a slight adjustment to the sites in the wake of these reports:

The National Republican Congressional Committee changed the donation page to make clearer to potential contributors that their money wasn’t going to the smiling Democrats pictured but instead to the Republicans.

The sites themselves remain and will undoubtedly remain controversial.

Read more about the whole episode from National Journal.