Public service reminder: Tax Day was yesterday, so I hope you filed! One thing you don’t have to pay taxes on? Franeo Insights. Think of it as a little bit like getting a tax refund every time you read one of our articles. Sure, you can’t spend it directly, but hopefully it’s full of pleasant surprises and good value.

Since many of us have numbers on our mind at this time of year, I thought it might be useful to focus on a few numbers in the news lately.

  • “Spending on ads served to internet-connected devices including desktop and laptop computers, mobile phones and tablets will reach $137.53 billion this year, according to eMarketer’s latest estimates of worldwide paid media spending. Digital spend will be up 14.8% over 2013 levels, according to the forecast, and will make up just over one-quarter of all paid media spending worldwide.” (eMarketer)
  • A new study finds that every delivered email is worth 1.7 cents in nonprofit fundraising campaigns. (Nonprofit Times)
  • “TVB,the nonprofit trade association of America’s commercial broadcast television industry, released a new study yesterday which reveals that ‘nearly 75% of local political conversations are driven by what citizens view on broadcast TV.’” (K Street Cafe)
  • “It’s no secret that the nonprofit community has seen a steady decline in email open rates, click-through rates, and email page completion rates, which was also confirmed by the 2014 eNonprofit Benchmarks Study. …  Fundraising messaging response rates were down 11% from 2012 levels to 0.07%. Advocacy messaging declined 25% to 2.0%.” (frogloop)
  • “Less than four in 10 US consumers use mobile news apps, but those who do are likely keeping them on hand to stay up to date with unexpected events. In a December 2013 study by StepLeader, 42% of US mobile news app users said that breaking news was the most important news app category.” (eMarketer)