Let’s look at some recent developments in the business of public affairs.

MAJOR CABLE TV MERGER GOOD OR BAD NEWS FOR K STREET? “Cable giant Comcast started the day with a call to arms, hosting its lobbyists and consultants, along with Time Warner Cable’s, on a private conference call to begin building a strategy to beat back threats in Washington that could jeopardize its $45 billion merger.” (Politico) “Comcast chief executive Brian Roberts said on Thursday that his company and Time Warner Cable do not operate in the same zip codes. But in the Washington, D.C. political arena, Comcast spent $18.7 million last year on lobbying and Time Warner Cable spent $8.3 million … If approved, the merger could create a company that will look to reduce overlapping lobbying costs by selecting the lobbying firms that have the best connections to key members of Congress ” (Roll Call)

SURVEY SAYS … WE NEED A NEW NAME! “Chlopak Leonard Schechter & Associates rebranded as CLS Strategies on Wednesday. CLS engaged branding agency Siegel + Gale, public opinion research firm Public Opinion Strategies, and research and strategy shop Mellman Group during the process.” (PR Week)

BUDGET GROUP HAS BUDGET PROBLEMS OF ITS OWN. “A year and a half after launching with much fanfare, a group affiliated with fiscal watchdogs Erskine Bowles and former Sen. Alan Simpson is nearly broke. The Can Kicks Back — which targets millennials and was conceived as a partner and affiliate of the group Fix the Debt — is running low on cash.” (Politico)