Will Campaigns Open Pandora’s (Ad Targeting) Box?

First, there was news that DISH and DirecTV would be rolling out a service allowing campaigns to target individual homes with advertising. Now the Pandora music streaming service promises an offering that allows ads that zero in on users based on likely political leanings.

Political Ads to Target Individual Dish/DirecTV Households

The Washington Post‘s Brian Fung reports on a development that will enable campaigns to zero in on specific homes with tailored messaging. Dish Network and DirecTV on Monday announced a plan to jointly give political advertisers the ability to microtarget their ads down to the household level. That means that any of over 20 million […]

Weekend Reading – Little Brother’s Birthday Edition

Before we jump into news from elsewhere, a brief plug for some new research that we just put together at Franeo. We explored how the 100 largest PR agencies use their LinkedIn company pages and found that: Less than half of PR firms post regular LinkedIn updates Only one third of PR firms list job […]

Open Memo to John Henry on the Future of the Boston Globe

There has been considerable discussion about the recent sales of the Washington Post and Boston Globe. What will Jeff Bezos and John Henry do with their new acquisitions? The truth is nobody knows right now. That hasn’t stopped anyone from speculating, so I thought I’d join the fun myself by looking at the future of the Globe. This is […]