Weekend Reading – Just Back from DC Edition

It has been a busy week, and I just returned home from DC after midnight last night/this morning. Still, there’s lots of good reading material available for you this weekend, so let’s take a look at my recommendations. Pew found that 15% of American adults do not use the Internet or email. About 2/3 of […]

Five Questions Executives Should Answer Before Requesting an Infographic

I love infographics. In my career, I’ve worked on hundreds of them, maybe thousands—from visualizing proprietary data from household brand names to helping cutting-edge start-ups get eyes on their shiny new brand. Although no two infographics are alike—that’s the point, telling a unique story—each project starts the same way: with these five questions.

Books & Authors: Katie Paine Helps Executives Measure What Matters

Katie Paine has spent decades working with clients to effectively measure their media coverage. As a consultant, speaker, and author, she has helped leaders focus on what really matters. Her popular book, Measure What Matters, teaches executives  what and how to measure — and provides context around the role measurement plays in building successful organizations. […]