Ninja Tactics to Step Up Your Email Marketing Game

If you’re looking to improve your email outreach efforts — and, really, who isn’t? — you could do worse then spending an hour listening to Christopher S. Penn. Conveniently (and affordably) you can borrow his knowledge free of charge, thanks to a YouTube video of a class he recently taught for UCLA.

Tuesday Tool: MailChimp for Email Lists and Newsletters

For a number of years, my email newsletter software of choice has been MailChimp. I’m not certain how I found it, but it was probably from the link at the bottom of some organization’s email. It’s easy to use, affordable, and effective, so I use it for most of my own projects, as well as […]

How to Overcome the Erosion of Email as an Effective Advocacy Tool

In the “old days” when I started out on Capitol Hill 20+ years ago, we would be inundated with letters, postcards, and phone calls on important issues. We would have to manually type in the names of all of the constituents who contacted us to register their point of view and send them a letter […]