Survey: 30 Percent Plan to Use Facebook Less … In 5 Years

The “Facebook is marching toward decline” discussion continues, this time USC Annenberg Center for the Digital Future and Bovitz, Inc. According to Bulldog Reporter, “The survey found that 30 percent of Facebook users said they will be using Facebook less or a lot less in five years.”

Join Others Trying to Better Engage With Wikipedia

Many in the world of advocacy, associations, and politics have concerns about one or more entries in Wikipedia. Perhaps there’s something inaccurate or misleading in an entry you care about. Or maybe there’s an entry you wish talked about your organization’s efforts. You have heard that people get in trouble for editing their entries, and […]

Increase Your Facebook Fans By Emphasizing Engagement

Many organizations spend too much time worrying about how many Facebook fans or Twitter followers they have. Ultimately, it’s not about the numbers — it’s about what they can do for you. At the same time, if you have no fans or followers, you won’t get very far.

Weekend Reading – Chewy Edition

It was a busy week as far as digital insight goes, so I had to work to narrow the reading list down to the key points. Regardless of where you sit, there’s a lot to chew on here. Marketers are spending a large chunk of their annual budgets on content creation, according to Unishpere Research. […]

The Agency Executive’s Guide to Digital Subsidiaries

Download Franeo’s new e-book: The Agency Executive’s Guide to Digital Subsidiaries to learn more about whether a digital subsidiary might be a good idea for your PR, marketing, or advertising agency — and how to do it effectively. The big PR, marketing and advertising agencies and holding companies like to make acquisitions, investments, and strategic […]

Weekend Reading: Short Long Form Edition

I’ll keep it short and sweet since it’s a long weekend. Before we jump into the official reading list, I thought I’d flag a one page cheat sheet on LinkedIn that we published this week. It’s the first of a series of “Executive D-Briefs” that we’ll be publishing to help busy leaders with quick overviews […]

8 Ways to Use Twitter to Help Improve Media Relations

While just 16% of Americans use Twitter, more than half of all journalists take part in the 140 character ecosystem. So while Twitter may not be the best place for an association or nonprofit to organize a grassroots campaign (depending on the target audience, of course), it can be a powerful tool for connecting with […]

As Users are Forced Into Google+, Organizations Find More Reasons to Care

Most associations and nonprofits haven’t paid much attention to Google+ yet. Perhaps a little lip service by adding a Google+ button to the sharing icons on the blog or maybe even setting up a rudimentary presence there. That may begin to change as Google starts to steer more and more users into the service, using […]