7 Lessons from Patrick Ruffini’s Twitter Repetition Experiment

Patrick Ruffini, a Republican operative and founder of the digital firm Engage, recently ran an experiment to test the behavior of users on Twitter. For two weeks, he posted an identical Tweet at the same time each weekday. He found that although the engagement with the first Tweet was highest, it continued to generate action […]

Weekend Reading: Soccer Tournament Edition

Just back from 4 soccer games and a 5-mile run. But let’s jump into some interesting weekend reading that I think you’ll enjoy. I’d also be remiss if I didn’t remind you about some research that we published ourselves this week that found that just 24% of CEOs of the 100 largest PR agencies use […]

Weekend Reading – Chewy Edition

It was a busy week as far as digital insight goes, so I had to work to narrow the reading list down to the key points. Regardless of where you sit, there’s a lot to chew on here. Marketers are spending a large chunk of their annual budgets on content creation, according to Unishpere Research. […]

Weekend Reading – Little Brother’s Birthday Edition

Before we jump into news from elsewhere, a brief plug for some new research that we just put together at Franeo. We explored how the 100 largest PR agencies use their LinkedIn company pages and found that: Less than half of PR firms post regular LinkedIn updates Only one third of PR firms list job […]

Weekend Reading – Rare Sunday Edition

Two bits of self-promotion before we get into the weekend reading list. First, I just published The Agency Executive’s Guide to Digital Subsidiaries. With more PR, marketing, and advertising agencies choosing to build or acquire external digital shops, I examine the benefits and discuss how to make digital subsidiaries successful. On Tuesday, I will be […]

Weekend Reading: Debut Edition

Veteran journalist Alan Mutter shares a lot of interesting data. The following is the highlight, but the whole post is worth reading: “After culling through reports from more than 40 institutions, eMarketer forecasts that the average amount of time likely to be spent on digital media this year will climb to five hours and 9 minutes […]

8 Ways to Use Twitter to Help Improve Media Relations

While just 16% of Americans use Twitter, more than half of all journalists take part in the 140 character ecosystem. So while Twitter may not be the best place for an association or nonprofit to organize a grassroots campaign (depending on the target audience, of course), it can be a powerful tool for connecting with […]