Join Others Trying to Better Engage With Wikipedia

Many in the world of advocacy, associations, and politics have concerns about one or more entries in Wikipedia. Perhaps there’s something inaccurate or misleading in an entry you care about. Or maybe there’s an entry you wish talked about your organization’s efforts. You have heard that people get in trouble for editing their entries, and […]

Weekend Reading: Short Long Form Edition

I’ll keep it short and sweet since it’s a long weekend. Before we jump into the official reading list, I thought I’d flag a one page cheat sheet on LinkedIn that we published this week. It’s the first of a series of “Executive D-Briefs” that we’ll be publishing to help busy leaders with quick overviews […]

Q&A: Bill Beutler on How Executives Should Handle Wikipedia

Today we have some questions for William Beutler, founder and president of Beutler Ink, a content marketing firm specializing in visual storytelling and Wikipedia engagement. Over the years I have gotten countless inquiries from clients about their Wikipedia entries, and his deep experience as a Wikipedia editor provides great insight into navigating these sometimes challenging […]