Just about every public affairs or political campaign needs to throw up a spur of the moment web form or signup page at some point along the way. If you have in-house tech staff that work with a database or CMS, then you’re all set. But what if you’re working on a more bare bones, lower budget project?

Enter Wufoo. I have used this service for years when I needed to add an information collection form to a website quickly and affordably. For many use cases, Wufoo costs you nothing. If you’re getting higher traffic or want to have a bunch of different forms all in one account, then you might have to spend a little something, but usually not more than about $30 or $60 per month.

The form creation tool inside Wufoo couldn’t be any easier to use. You just point and click on the type of form field you want to have.

Wufoo Form Builder

It doesn’t really take any technical knowledge to create the form. Better yet, you can set it up to automatically send email confirmations to people who complete the forms, as well as email notifications to you and others who need to know in real-time when someone signs up.

You can also connect Wufoo to other services like MailChimp so that they are automatically added to your email newsletter list. And if you need to collect money, you can do that with Wufoo forms, too.

Of course, all of this doesn’t do you any good if you can’t collect the information in a useful format. So you can either browse the data through the Wufoo interface (where you can also search for specific entries), or you can export it to spreadsheets or other useful formats.

Although the final form can be hosted on the Wufoo website (with their branding on it), you’ll probably want to embed it on your own website. Again, no technical expertise is required. If you can publish a page on WordPress, you can embed the form with your own look-and-feel. In fact, there’s even a plugin for WordPress that makes it really simple. If you use a different content management tool, you have a pick of several different code snippets you just paste onto the page. No sweat.

As your site gets more sophisticated (and the budget rises along with it), there may be cases where you want to roll your own form. But for a significant number of the needs of public affairs and political professionals, Wufoo can be a real cost- and time-saver.