I’ll keep it short and sweet since it’s a long weekend.

Before we jump into the official reading list, I thought I’d flag a one page cheat sheet on LinkedIn that we published this week. It’s the first of a series of “Executive D-Briefs” that we’ll be publishing to help busy leaders with quick overviews of important digital topics. Get the LinkedIn D-Brief here.

If you have a topic you’d like us to cover in a future Executive D-Brief, just let me know.

Now your weekend reading:

·      Pando Daily examines whether long form content may have a bright future in the new world of online media. Why it matters: As the volume of content released by the media and self-published by organizations continues to grow, it becomes ever more important to provide real value to establish a competitive difference with an audience overwhelmed with choices.

·      Wikipedia can be a scary place for organizations, but one of their editors, Bill Beutler, has advice for executives on how to deal effectively with the site. Why it matters: Wikipedia shows up on the first page of search results for most organizations, so what it says can be important. Making mistakes in how you improve your Wikipedia entry can make things much worse, however.

·      Facebook has decided that organizations can use their pages on the social network to directly run promotions. Why it matters: Expect to see contests used aggressively to inflate page and status “Likes” and comments. Unfortunately, this will drive measurement of outputs not outcomes.

·      Speaking of measurement, one of the most experienced media measurement hands, Katie Paine, shared some insight about her book Measure What Matters in an interview with The vCDO this week. Why it matters: Focusing on the wrong metrics can be quite costly.

·      Perry Hewitt, Chief Digital Officer of Harvard University, takes a look at what it takes to “build a high-performing digital team.” Why it matters: With many organizations hiring aggressively in the digital space, it’s important to make sure that you get good hires from top to bottom to get good results. Many claim to be digital experts these days, but few live up to expectations

Happy reading!